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Department of Public Safety  

Transportation Services

2015-2016 Permit Applications will not begin until Late July/Early August 2015




Parking regulations approved by the University’s Board of Trustees are enforced at all times which includes when classes are not in session.

Did you know?

  • 33,921 passengers last fall & spring semester for the Red/Blue lines. UNC Asheville shuttle moved more passengers any previous year!

  • Increasing ridership by 102% over the Spring 2014 semester has given UNC Asheville the equivilant of freeing up nearly 100 parking spaces. No additional impervious surface needed!
  • For September 2014, the UNC Asheville shuttle moved 5,608 passengers. This monthly total beat four (4) municipal routes in the Asheville Transit System (ART) August Ridership Report. This puts the Campus Shuttle on the same activity level as ART's N2, N3, and W3 routes.
  • The UNCA shuttle clocked 1,226 total service hours in the fall of 2014. Each day, we "circle" campus and the adjactent community over 100 times per day. That is 7,875 "loops" per semester!
  • The campus shuttle moves five (5) times more students than reported in 2009. Way-to-go UNC Asheville for making more sustainable commuting choices!
  • Motor Pool can rack-up abouty 20,000 miles in a month, nearly the equivalent of driving around the United States.... twice!
  • The University offers FREE pre-trip vehicle inspections before major breaks! In the Fall, it is generally about 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving. In the Spring, inspections take place just before Spring Break. It is FREE to all University community members.

  • 17% Increase in Fuel Economy! We increased our MPG from 7.6 to 8.9 compared to the Fall of 2013 sample dates (October-January for Shuttle 80).

  • 99.84%: The service hour reliability rate for scheduled routes. The UNC Asheville shuttle only had three hours of interrupted service during the entire Fall 2014 semester!


Parking Information

Information for students, employees, and visitors about parking permits, where to park, parking for persons with disabilities, and what do do if you receive a parking citation.

Parking Information >>

Campus Shuttle Information

Routes, operating hours, and service alerts.

Campus Shuttle Information >>


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