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Freshman Student Parking Policy

Policy Statement

All first year students (including transfer and early college students) are not permitted to bring cars to campus for the duration of their freshman year (fall through spring semesters). This includes students who have enough credits to be considered sophomores at any time during their first academic year at UNC Asheville. This policy does not apply to non-traditional freshmen. Non-traditional freshmen are students who are 21 years of age or older, or who have completed at least one full year (consecutive fall and spring semesters) of post-secondary education.


Limited by campus size, financial restrictions, and a campus plan that values classrooms and green space over parking lots, UNC Asheville has decided to restrict freshman parking as one strategy to reduce the need for building additional parking facilities.

Freshmen are required to live in residence halls with board plans, and any freshman who needs a job may obtain one on campus. Freshmen are also supported by a wide array of special social activities in their residence halls and elsewhere on campus.

It is our hope that by restricting cars in the freshman year, students will take advantage of the many alternative transportation options available to them, and will think twice about the need to bring their cars in subsequent years.

Unlike many universities, resident students at UNC Asheville have enjoyed the privilege of being able to park as close as possible to their residence halls. By restricting car usage in the freshman year, we hope to better protect this privilege for other resident students.

Interpretation and Enforcement

Parking and Transportation Services will not sell parking permits to any first year students (including transfer and early college students), and other members of the community who are eligible for a parking permit will not be permitted to purchase one for a freshman. Attempts to do so will result in having any future parking privileges of both parties revoked.

In addition, we ask that students comply with the spirit of this policy by not bringing cars to campus with the expectation that they can be parked on the streets or public areas of our neighboring communities. UNC Asheville works with its neighbors to reduce traffic flow and parking in nearby off-campus neighborhoods, and students are expected to help us be a good neighbor.

Students entering their second year (i.e. third semester) at the University are eligible to register a vehicle on campus even if they have not completed enough credits to obtain sophomore standing. They are no longer considered first year college students. Students who begin as freshman in the spring semester of an academic year are permitted to register a vehicle on campus for the coming fall semester, even though they may not have accumulated sufficient credits to attain sophomore standing.

Falsifying Information

Freshmen who obtain a parking permit by providing falsified information, as well as upperclassmen who attempt to purchase a permit for a freshman, will have future parking privileges revoked and may face judicial action.

Alternative Transportation Programs

In order to meet the needs of students without cars, UNC Asheville has developed many alternative transportation programs to assist students in getting around the local area and going away for the weekend.

Requesting a Waiver

Students who can demonstrate a compelling need or who would suffer undue hardship due to the restriction on freshman parking can request a waiver by filling out the online freshman parking waiver request.

Freshman students requiring immediate parking accomodations can e-mail or call (828) 251-6691 during normal business hours. After hours please contact University Police dispatch at (828) 251-6710.

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